Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday - Alexandria

Sunday morning I had the opportunity of sleeping in, and spending some precious moments with my sister.

Also - I told Bryan Davis about this already. Sunday morning I was cleaning my sister's kitchen for her, and while I was sweeping the floor I saw a penny. I picked it up and put it on the table, then continued sweeping. Soon, over by the stove, I found a dime. I kinda stared at the dime as I placed it beside the first penny, and my mind went to Bryan Davis' new book Enoch's Ghost. I said, "If I find a second penny ..." and midsentence I happened to look down at the floor and in another corner, there was a second penny.

If anyone has read Enoch's Ghost yet, you can understand where I'm getting that from. I still don't understand why I found it, but perhaps God will show me in time.

Well, I got to the Barnes and Noble in Alexandria around 2:30ish and began handing out bookmarks and telling people about the event that would be taking place at 3... and I got some rather "interesting" remarks. People thinking it was about Harry Potter and getting excited, then shrinking away when they realized it wasn't. And I actually had one girl say that she wasn't a Christian and handed the bookmark back. I nearly dropped it. I don't know her name, but if y'all think of her, please pray for her.

Our Fantasy Four had a small, but attentive, audience for their readings. The pictures below are of Sir Wayne and Lady Sharon reading out of their books.

What was really cool was that a reporter from the Washington Post came to this event. Be on the watch for an article coming out Wednesday or Thursday, and pray that it will be a good article, and that it will really capture the nature of the tour.

We also had the opportunity to meet a young man (just saying that, I don't know how old he is) named Ryan who is in the Air Force and will be leaving in a month (I think) for Afghanistan. It was really neat to see Christopher stop right then and there and pray for him. If you think about it, pray for Ryan as well. You'll see Ryan and Christopher in the picture on the left.

And then, the moment I had been dreading came. The end of my time with the Fantasy Four. We packed up the van, I put my stuff in my truck, then I meandered over to the van to say my adieus to my dear friends and siblings in Christ, and the one whom I call "Dad". I got a huge hug from all four of them - then Christopher decided to video me. Then I got more hugs, and began walking away. As soon as I turned away from the van fresh tears began to flow and I plopped myself down inside my truck and just cried. Yet again, I had to leave the company of warm, loving, godly people, and go back to my mundane life, and back into a house that doesn't honor God.

I just can't get enough of being in the company of people like that. I feel the same way whenever I visit Bryan Davis and his family. I get so overwhelmed by their love and warmth, and their passion for the Lord, that whenever I have to leave ... Meh, I just can't find the right words to explain it.

Mr. Davis, Wayne, Christopher, and Sharon: I love you guys so much. Thank you for ALL that you do. I'm not just talking about the books you write, but the lives you lead, as well as the lives you touch. Just in the two days I spent with y'all, I saw so many lives touched because of what you're doing. And I know you've all touched my life as well. Keep doing the things you do, and may God bless you always.


KaleCharis said...

I love the thing about the dime and two pennies!

I'm so glad that you got to go see them. It sounds like you had a really good time :P

everlastingscribe said...

Sounds like you were an encouragement to them and they to you. Best kind of fellowship! Btw, I finally have *some* of the photos up from the signing. I'll stick a link up from my blog to the photobucket account so you can take a peak.