Friday, July 13, 2007

They're still going...

It has approached Day 6 of the Fantasy Four Tour, and it seems that our Fantasy Four are still going strong. They've encountered musical family members (Phil Keagy, Christopher Hopper's Uncle Phil), a sword fighting instructor, and many friends, fans, and fans-to-be. Our authors are having a blast meeting and talking with people, as well as talking amongst themselves.

Please keep praying for them, especially Sharon Hinck as she is still battling a bad cold. She said the adrenaline and Halls cough drops are what keep her going. I'm sure God has a hand in there as well. God, heal Sharon's body and give her the strength she needs to keep going.

Tomorrow is the day I get to see them! I'm SO excited! I have some small (and I do mean small) gifts for them. They're rather simple, but I hope they like them.

I'm also looking forward to meeting Everlastingscribe, whom I met through Wayne's blog! *hugs Scribe*. I will get to meet her tomorrow night :D

I'm not sure I'll be sleeping much tonight ... I think I'll be too excited.

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everlastingscribe said...

"Adventures are funny things" to quote someone I know. And in adventures come gifts large and small and the small ones are usually all the better because you can take them with you where ever you go!