Sunday, August 5, 2007

Richard H. Wolters

You know - I realized something recently. All this time that I spend supporting my favorite authors, and I haven't done so for my own father yet. Shame on me. Bad, bad Connie.


I would like to recommend the Alex Conklin Adventures by Richard H. Wolters. The first book is titled Alex and the Kitten Monster. This is a Christian series.


Alex and The Kitten Monster is a thrilling adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat! A roller coaster ride of mystery and suspense!

Alex and his friends are told a creepy story that makes no sense, but scares the pants off them. What apparently started with the malicious drowning of a neighbor's kitten, has grown into a spine-tingling tale of the kitten's survival and the horror of it growing into a monster cat that lives in the swampy waters of the local sandpit.

However, Alex's friends (and his parents) don't believe this horrifying story is true. Alex, on the other hand, figures out that there really is a monster. But no one believes him, even after the mysterious disappearance of a dog and one of the local boys. Not realizing that he could become the monster's next meal, Alex goes to the sandpit at night with nothing more than his camera. He is determined to get a picture of this kitten monster to prove that he is right. He ends up riding a roller coaster of mystery, suspense, and terror as Alex faces the most horrifying experience of his young life.

This book is short, but it still very good. The sequel is written, but hasn't been published yet. He has been using a self publisher (blech...). I need to speak with him about trying to find a new publisher ... seriously. The self publisher does no marketing whatsoever. You can find the books on, here.

It says there's only one left in stock, but that's because they are printed as they are ordered, so ... yeah. He needs a new publisher. *pokes Daddy*

Oh, and the author bio on the page hasn't been updated in a long time. My dad is now retired, and my mom died about 3 and a half years ago....


Roheryn said...

OOH! That sounds cool!!!
I must look it up!

everlastingscribe said...

Same here. :)

Scott said...

Tssk! Tssk! You never told me he likes to write! (:

Pais Charos said...

You never asked! :P

Eve said...

Cool, a dad who writes!