Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Tooth or Consequences"

Ah, our teeth. How fun. The title above is actually the title of an episode for a children's tv series I used to watch a loooong time ago, one that was based loosely from Alice in Wonderland. I can't remember the name of the show, but I do remember I liked it. One day when I was younger (I think it was somewhere between 10 and 13...not sure) I came home from having a couple of teeth extracted. My mouth was still numb and I still had the gauze pieces in my mouth. I turned the TV on, turned it to the channel this show was on, and that's the episode that came on. I'm totally not kidding!

Well, this morning I had my first dentist appointment in 7 years. I am NEVER waiting 7 years to see a dentist again! My gums are sore from the 5-10 minutes it took to scrap out all of the tartar that had built up the past 7 years. Fun. But, at least my gums will heal now (apparently they were infected with gingivitis cause of the tartar).

Thankfully: NO CAVITIES!! Although, the dentist does want to replace a filling from eons ago.

And...dun dun dun, I was given a referral to an oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth removed! Yay! (sarcasm...). *pokes wallet* I'll do it as soon as I have more money :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Present for Wayne Batson

I just finished making a present for Sir Wayne and thought I'd post it here. :)

Isle of Swords Contest - Post #1

Well ... it's not technically an Isle of Swords contest only, but I couldn't think of what this post title would be *shrugs*.

M'lord Wayne Batson has begun a new contest, and this is my first post regarding this contest. This post alone should grant me a few points :)

Take a look at m'lord's blog,, and you will learn much more about said contest, and perhaps be able to participate! I do have to warn you, though ... some of us can be quite competitive :D

And on a side note (and worthy of more points, methinks) I just received my copy of Isle of Swords in the mail today!! I'm so stoked! I can't wait to delve into it and get lost in m'lord's exciting, piratey adventure! Ahoy mateys!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

She is on the mend...

This morning I woke up to feelings of helplessness...not a good place to be. My "sister" was in the hospital, in pain, and I couldn't be with her, and I felt as though there was nothing I could do to help. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt this way the past few days.

But, OH, does my God love to give his children kisses, as a mother or father loves to kiss their child.

At around 3:49pm my time (which was 2:49pm their time) Mr. Davis gave us the news that Legossi got up on crutches, and that she was able to walk with them to the door and back.


Then he tells us that she hadn't had any morphine since 4 a.m.


At 5pm my time Mr. Davis posted that the flowers I sent had arrived, and he posted a picture of Legossi, mom, and the flowers. Huzzah!!

I'm borrowing a phrase a friend of mine likes to use a lot: Kisses from Christ. Boy, did I feel them. And if I felt them, I'm almost positive that Mr. and Mrs. Davis felt them as well. I lost my sense of helplessness, because nothing can happen without God's help, and He is working, my friends. He is working, and He is answering prayers. Thank you, Father, for your love and grace, and for your healing power.

Please continue to pray for Legossi. Please pray that she has a restful sleep tonight, as last night was filled with wakefullness and pain. And please pray for her as she continues her physical therapy tomorrow, and pushes her self to do more than she did today.

Our God is Awesome, and He is faithful, and He hears and answers our prayers. Can I get an AMEN?!

Update as of 8:49 am from Mr. Davis: Legossi is not feeling good this morning. Her pain meds were reduced, and she's having to stay on oxygen to maintain a high enough saturation level. Her heart rate also stays elevated.

Please pray that the new pain-killer will be strong enough, that her oxygen level will increase without need for the oxygen supplement, and that her heart rate will stabilize. The doctor wants her to try to go home this evening, so we will need a great deal of improvement for that to happen.

But God can do it!

Indeed He Can!!

Update at 10:03am 9/6/07: Please continue in fervent prayer for Legossi. She coughed up blood this morning, so they took her for a chest x-ray. Her hematocrit also dropped a lot, so they are wondering if she's bleeding internally.

Thank you, Lord, that you kept her in the hospital an extra night. Obviously, she wasn't ready to go home.

Update at 7:30pm 9/6/07: She's going home!!!! Huzzah!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Please pray for Amanda Davis (Legossi)

Amanda Davis (Legossi), 16 year old daughter of Bryan Davis, fell off her horse today and broke her femur. She was airlifted to Le Bonheur Hospital in Memphis where it was discovered that it's a clean femoral break. Tonight they were going to drill a hole in her lower leg and put a rod in, then put her leg in traction to weight the bone down and align it. Tomorrow they will surgically set the bone. Please be in prayer for her ... she's like a sister to me. Also get your churches to pray and anyone else you know. Thank you.

Update: Mr. Davis just called me. He said they did the procedure last night. They drilled a hole through her lower leg, through the bone, and put a rod through it so as to be able to put her leg in traction. The leg is up now. He said that she is awake and is lucid, but is on morphine and feels no pain right now. Later today, probably about noonish, they will put a rod in her femur to set the bone, and she will have that rod in her femur for the rest of her life.

Update 9:39pm(EST): She made it out of the surgery and it went very well. Her oxygen levels are a little low, and she's tired and sore, but she'll make it. They're going to begin weaning her off of the pain meds soon, so she'll start becoming very uncomfortable. Tomorrow she should begin physical therapy.