Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Textbooks. Oh joy.

Sorry I haven't posted much, y'all. I've just started two new online classes at Liberty, and they're more time consuming than the other one I had. MUCH more time consuming.

The classes started about a week and a half ago. One is called Developmental Psychology, the other Psychology of Personalities. I didn't buy either book till this past weekend (cause of money issues). The personalities textbook is an e-book, so I was able to download that the very day I bought it. The other book I won't receive till the end of this week. So I went to the library at Liberty, and one of the professors has that book on reserve, meaning you can only check it out for 3 hours at a time and you can't take it out of the library. So, I xeroxed the first four chapters. Took me an hour.

Last week's reading assignment for developmental (the one I xeroxed) was chapters 1-4, and this week's is 5-8. So this week I get to read chapters 1-8. 25 pages per chapter.

For personalities, last week was chapters 1-2, and this week is 3-4. So this week, I get to read chapters 1-4. About ... 15ish pages per chapter.

Oh yeah, and I have 3 tests and a written assignment due this weekend.

Please pray for me - this week is turning out to be rather crazy. Thanks, y'all!

Edit: 5 chapters down! 7 more to go! Woot!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Anomaly

Hey everyone! Long time not...post, eh?

This isn't an update about myself, but more of an advertisement of sorts. Sharon Hinck once posted about the website, Where The Map Ends, on her blog, and just recently Bryan Davis posted on his blog about a new publishing company called Marcher Lord Press, owned by the same dude who does WTME! Cool, huh?

Well, the MLP site brought me to actually look at WTME (finally), and from there I found this really awesome forum, geared towards writers of Christian speculative fiction! Here you can post ideas or stories and get feedback, collaborate with other writers, or just have fun being around other nutty people like yourself. I know I'm having a blast, and I've only been there a couple of days...

So, click on the banner below (made by one of the admins on the forum), and check it out!