Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My "other" desk

Ok, I got some pictures of my work station this evening. The larger version is here.

I took this picture to just give you an idea, I took three other pictures that are closer and show some more detail :)

First is the left side of my station. Click here for the larger version.

On the left is some work related papers, folders, et cetera. On the wall are pictures of friends and family, some of you might recognize yourselves on this wall.

Next to the pictures is a Christmas ornament that a coworker gave me, then a calendar. Underneath the pictures is a time-zone map, very helpful for calling customers and stores in different parts of the US. Then there's my water bottle - I refill that thing at least three times in the 8 hours I'm there. My computer has a picture of my friend Tracy (Cooper from DioM) and two of Mr. Davis' daughters. On the desk it self is a picture that Tracy gave me from her missions trip to Mexico, a My Little Pony, a picture of my dad's dog Blackie, and my keyboard.

In the second picture (click here) you first see the same computer, photos, and keyboard. On the wall is some work related stuff, including a list of all the current retail stores.

Next to the picture of Blackie is my lotion. Then a cool plastic thing that holds my pens, ruler, highlighters, scissors, rubberbands, paperclips, whiteout, and thumbtacks. Then there's my mouse, with the kitty mousepad. Then my evil phone.

And, the third picture. You see the evil phone again. There's also my little purple stapler, pad of sticky notes, and hand sanitizer. On the wall is a copy of my schedule, my evil headset that goes with the evil phone, a list of extensions for my coworkers, and my favorite poster :D Oh, and my purse is also there :)

Well, that's it! I hope you had fun!

What's on my "desk"?

All right. Bryan Davis posted a picture of his desk on his blog and invited others to do so. So, here's mine!

As you all know, I just recently moved into my apartment, so I don't have a real desk yet, but sometimes I use my kitchen counter as a desk, so I took a picture of that. You can see a larger version of it here.

Things to pick out: A large stack of mail (mail that I had and hadn't sorted before moving - still haven't sorted it.) There are more stacks of that kind in boxes as well...heh. To the right of that is a stack of books that I bought with the B&N giftcard my dad gave me for Christmas. Laying on top o the books is the letter that came with my galley copy of Beyond the Reflection's Edge. Keep going right and you'll see a spiral notebook laying on top of the galley copy of BtRE. Then my purse, my computer with the cool background. The background came with the computer, and since purple is my favorite color, I haven't wanted to change it yet ^_^. Next to that is a cup of coffee (not the best thing to have when one is sick, as I am, but it was still nice to have), and a towel. Let's see, my camera cord, a holder that holds my bills (*groan*), pens, a bookmark, nail files, pushpins (some of these you can't see, but that's what's in there). Laying next to that is a DVD ("A Walk To Remember") and three Christmas CDs. The plastic folder looking thing holds pictures from my missions trip to Slovakia, back in 2004. I'm sure you can see other things that I have listed - feel free to point them out, if you wish :)

I did think about taking a picture of my desk at work, but I don't know if I'd be allowed. I'll ask my supervisor when I go to work tonight. If she says yes, then I'll add that to this post ... or make a new post *shrugs*.

Have fun!!

P.S. Mr. Davis - I'm sorry if my site uses too much bandwidth....