Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My "other" desk

Ok, I got some pictures of my work station this evening. The larger version is here.

I took this picture to just give you an idea, I took three other pictures that are closer and show some more detail :)

First is the left side of my station. Click here for the larger version.

On the left is some work related papers, folders, et cetera. On the wall are pictures of friends and family, some of you might recognize yourselves on this wall.

Next to the pictures is a Christmas ornament that a coworker gave me, then a calendar. Underneath the pictures is a time-zone map, very helpful for calling customers and stores in different parts of the US. Then there's my water bottle - I refill that thing at least three times in the 8 hours I'm there. My computer has a picture of my friend Tracy (Cooper from DioM) and two of Mr. Davis' daughters. On the desk it self is a picture that Tracy gave me from her missions trip to Mexico, a My Little Pony, a picture of my dad's dog Blackie, and my keyboard.

In the second picture (click here) you first see the same computer, photos, and keyboard. On the wall is some work related stuff, including a list of all the current retail stores.

Next to the picture of Blackie is my lotion. Then a cool plastic thing that holds my pens, ruler, highlighters, scissors, rubberbands, paperclips, whiteout, and thumbtacks. Then there's my mouse, with the kitty mousepad. Then my evil phone.

And, the third picture. You see the evil phone again. There's also my little purple stapler, pad of sticky notes, and hand sanitizer. On the wall is a copy of my schedule, my evil headset that goes with the evil phone, a list of extensions for my coworkers, and my favorite poster :D Oh, and my purse is also there :)

Well, that's it! I hope you had fun!


Bryan Davis said...

Excellent! Your desk looks complete, orderly, and filled with nice things to look at.

Thanks for contributing to our online desk tour. You did a fabulous job!

Pais Charos said...

Thanks! It was lots of fun too :) And it's about time y'all got a glimpse of where I work!

Sapphira Adi said...

Stylin' purse:)

Pais Charos said...

Oh, yes, I love that purse. It's Madewell, a company owned by the same people who own J. Crew. We also get our employee discount off of Madewell stuff :D

Sadly, though, that purse is gone. I know, cause I believe I got one of the last ones.

Holli said...

Aw, you have a picture of me. Two! :P

Pais Charos said...

3, actually. I also have the picture of all of us with our cloaks in the driveway in Winter Park :)

Pais Charos said...

I also have pictures of Clefy, Legossi, Mr. Bunn, Tracy, James, Roh, and other people y'all don't know. I don't have a picture of "Mom", otherwise that would be up there too...

KaleCharis said...

Nice! You have a sweet looking desk! What kind of lotion is it? I like your purse too.

No pictures of me :( (Tehe, I'm joking...you haven't met me)

(This is AG)

Scott Phillip Appleton said...

Nice . . . this desk thing is a good idea. At the moment my writing space is anywhere I set up, but in a couple of months I'll be setting up my permanent writing area. I'm taking my soon-to-be-married sister's room.

I do have a picture up, though, of me writing in my room.

Pais Charos said...

I know, AG. I do have a picture of you, I just haven't printed it out yet :P I can't wait to finally meet you... BTW, I loved my Christmas card!

Yes, Scott, this was lots of fun! Trust Mr. Davis to come up with cool and fun ideas!

Scott Appleton said...

Connie, shoot me an email at my gmail address. I'm ready to email you the finished manuscript. A couple readers have already gotten back to me and they are both very enthused.