Saturday, February 2, 2008


Just when I thought I'd never be able to pursue my dream of horses, God surprises me.

This past week we had a new member join the DioM forum, the mother of one of our other members. I knew they had a ranch youth ministry (Shily's Promise Youth Ranch), so I began talking with her about horses. Her passion reignited my passion, and I began going back to the website of GaWaNi Pony Boy.

I've been a Pony Boy fan for a long time, ever since I was a teenager. The first time I heard of him was when I was watching a televised rodeo, and he performed. A year or so later I got the opportunity to go to the Horse World Expo in Timonium, MD, but did not get to see Pony. In fact, while he was giving his seminar in the main arena, my friends and I were standing in line for lunch, jumping up and down to try to see him. That didn't work so well.

After about four years of trying and missing, I went to the Expo again in 2003, with the sole purpose of seeing Pony Boy. That was my main goal for the Expo that year. I finally got to watch a seminar, and I remember thinking, "I wonder if he's a Christian. That would be so cool..."

My friend Amanda met me at the expo afterwards, and we were just walking around the building that his booth was in. I think we passed it about ten times before I finally suggested that we stop and look. I walked to the back of the booth where the Pony Boy caps were hanging, and soon I heard Christian music coming out from one of the tables. Steven Curtis Chapman, to be exact. Amanda and I began talking with one of the guys working at the booth, and after a few minutes I leaned in and whispered, "Is Pony a Christian?" I was told that yes, indeed, he is a Christian. I then purchased a cap, and Pony signed it for me. I was flying high, that night.

Well, over the years I had kept up some with Pony's whereabouts through his e-newsletter. But I ended up putting horses on the back burner for a while while I was in school.

So, back to present time. Talking with my new friend on DioM, my passion for horses re-ignited, and I went back to Pony's site, which I hadn't looked at for a couple of years. I joined his forum, and soon discovered that Pony will be teaching one of his Horses Teaching People 1 clinics in New Jersey April 26 and 27.

And I get to go.

How cool is this? After years of putting horses on the back burner, I finally get to actively pursue a career with these wonderful beasts - and not only that, I get to learn from one of the best teachers in the horse industry.

But wait, there's more!

Pony has started a university called Iyuptala University.

The word "iyuptala" means "one-with", and Pony's desire is that riders will learn to be one with their horses. That's something I long for for when I can finally have my own horse. And that's the goal of this University. It offers courses such as Horse Health and Disease Management, Understanding Your Horse's Body: Conformation and Selection, Legal Aspects of the Horse Business - the list just goes on. Taking these courses can 1) Lead to the student becoming an Iyuptala Regional Advisor, and 2) help you gain a Bachelor's degree in Equine Studies with Breyer State University.

All you horse lovers out there - if you dream of a career involving horses, I implore you to check out Pony's website, the forum, and Iyuptala University. I can't think of a better tool.

So, I get to go to one of Pony's Horses Teaching People clinics and learn from the best in the horse industry - then I get to study with Iyuptala and learn even more.

Thank you for listening :)


everlastingscribe said...

That is ubber cool! No wonder you're excited! *yay*

Pais Charos said...

Me? Excited? Nah...:P

Roheryn said...

excited? never! *huggles*

Zonk said...

I have never been comfortable around horses.

It always seemed to me that the ratio of strength to brains was large...of course all my friends who love horses tell me I don't know whereof I speak :P.

I'm very glad for you! Enjoy!

And if you ever get down to the Islands, my daughter is a dolphin trainer at the Atlantis Hotel. Care for a dip with a 400lb aquatic mammal?

Pais Charos said...

All of your other friends are right - once you get to know horses, they're a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. I'm not saying this from a bias POV just because I'm a horse lover. Yes, some horses are just plain dumb, but it depends on how they're trained, and, inevitably, what breed they are. It's the same with dogs :)

I've always wanted to swim with dolphins! I also LOVE dolphins, but my love for horses has always been greater, so that's the field I'm pursuing. But I still have yet to pet a dolphin, much less swim with one :(

Araken said...

Sa-weet! Rock on!