Monday, August 11, 2008

Is very excited!

I've just recently joined and am loving it there. I've met new friends, and old friends, and have been learning various forms of digital art. It's fun ^_^

One of my new friends opened up commissions recently, with very reasonable prices. She's only 15 and her name is Crys, but goes by =HorseRidingGal on DA.

Anyways, I commissioned her to draw a new character of mine, named Halani. Halani is a black and purple pegasus with black wings. I don't have much written yet, but what I do have has Halani waking up on a beach, with an arrow protruding from a wing, and she has no clue who she is. I asked Crys to depict this scene, and here's the amazingness that resulted:

Stunning, no? *big grin* You can see it at a higher resolution here.

As soon as I have money again, I SO plan on commissioning her to draw Amari. Watch out Crys, you're gonna have a regular on your hands!!

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