Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6 Random Things

I was tagged by The Dynamic Uno and by Magma.

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6 Random Things About Me

  • While almost everyone who knows me or has met me atleast once knows how much I love horses (or anything equine, for that matter), what most people don't know is that I have a bit of a side thing for dolphins :D My apartment is predominantly decorated with something horse-ish, while my bathroom houses nothing but things with dolphins/fish on it.
  • I am a huge fan of the old, classic, 80s cartoons: He-man and She-ra, Looney Toons, My Little Pony, The Jetsons - you can't beat some of them oldies!
  • I was born in San Franscisco but have never seen it, as we left when I was only 9 months old. We then lived in Guam for 3 years, and I remember nothing (such a shame). When I was four we moved to Maryland and a few years later my dad retired from the Navy, so my first memories are from Maryland. We lived there till I was about 19, then we moved to Northern Virginia. I now live in Central VA in my own little bitty lovely apartment :D
  • My hair grows insanely fast! The last time I got my hair cut really short was March 25, 2007. See here:
And see how it looks now:

That's, what, a year and a half later? *points to pic on the right* I like that one better...

  • Let's see ... oh! I got bit by a horse about, oh, 2 months ago. On my back right around the shoulder blade area. It wasn't too bad, as he didn't get the muscle, just a bunch of skin. It's pretty much healed up now, took about a month. The area that's healed over is reddish, and seems to be darkening a bit. I believe I will have a scar. Yay! (I'm weird, I know).
  • Last but not least! Huzzah! I've recently discovered a love for doing artwork. I've always sorta liked creating things, but a couple of months ago I joined deviantArt.com (my profile is paischaros.deviantart.com). I'm still learning, but it's lotsa fun!
So that's me!

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