Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow

I've recently discovered this book, and I thought I'd say a little something about it. (Besides, I need more points for the contest). Y'all have to read this book. It's amazing! What an exciting adventure! This story pulled me in till I felt like I was with Hunter every step of the way, feeling every hurt, joy, sorrow, and accomplishment. I felt like I learned with him as he learned more about the Author and how to follow Him. The imagery is wonderful when Hunter gives Aviad his most precious possession. I enjoyed this book and want to read it again and again, and I can't wait to read the second one!


CW SMALL said...

This book is awesome. Read it 3 times already. Cannot wait on next installment in 2009.

nicebook said...

This book is AMAZING!!!!! It's filled with Great Morals, action, excitement, love etc. I have never read a book this good before, Its AMAZING!!! and AWESOME at the same time!! So read it yourself and find out what an awesome book this is.-nicebook

Flair Lyabi said...

It certainly looks interesting! I'll have to find it! And that sword looks real sweet!