Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year's Prayer

A new year, Lord. What will this year bring? More sadness, grief, and pain? Or maybe this year will bring more laughter, joy, and happiness?

Whatever this new year brings us, I pray that You will hold on to us, Lord. Keep us in the shadow of Your wings. I pray that our faith will not falter, but that it will stay strong.

Those who have lost loved ones this past year, I pray especially for them. Hold them in your arms as they face this new year without the ones they love. And for those whose loved ones remain, may they appreciate and enjoy what they have, and may they tell their loved ones how they feel.

I pray that unfulfilled reams will find their wings and soar to new heights beyond anyone's imagining.

I pray for those who know You; I rejoice with them, my brothers and sisters - may they never forget the treasure they have in You. And for those who are still lost - may they find their way.

And above all, Lord, may your will be done this year and forevermore.


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The Dynamic Uno said...

I pray for astounding joy for all of us!

Come play! I'm tagging you for a photo meme. Here's a link to my posting with the rules: