Tuesday, December 9, 2008


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I'm SEW excited! I was finally able to get my sewing machine back from the Bernina dealer, after leaving it there for almost 7 months. My dad gave me the money to pick up as an early Christmas present. This was my mom's sewing machine which she passed to me when she died, and when I took it to Creative Stitches it hadn't been used in about 5 years (last time it had been used was a bout a year before my mom passed away), it needed a new foot pedal, a new power cord, and apparently a new circuit breaker as well (which now has a 2 year warranty!). Here's a pic of my machine:

Ain't it gorgeous? :love:

My mom made a lot of gifts of love with this machine. She loved the quilt, said it was like putting puzzles together. She always made gifts for expectant mothers in our church (even had a list of who was expecting and their due dates), and would make baby blankets. Or when a couple got engaged she'd make them a quilted wall hanging. She was also in a group at the church that crocheted lap quilts for the eldery in nursing homes and the hospital.

My mom had taught me the basics of sewing, and other things I learned from the two sewing classes I took at Liberty. But I could KICK myself now for not having my mom teach me how to quilt. I mean, sure, I watched her work and sorta know the basics, but I'm still a beginner. I wasn't much into quilting while Mom was alive, but now that she's no longer with me on this side of Heaven, I want to learn, I guess to help keep her memory alive. Thursday, when I brought the sewing machine home, I went through some boxes of sewing stuff that used to be hers. It was bittersweet because nearly every item brought back memories of her in her sewing room - especially this:

I also found some "Specially Hand Made by Catherine" tags to put on things. My mom's middle name was Catherine (she went by Cathy), and that's also my middle name, so I think I'll put that on gifts as well :)

The other day I made a pair of pajama pants using some Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck flannel that I found in my mom's stash.

I still have to hem them, but they're pretty much done.

So yeah, I'm having lotsa fun :D It feels good to be sewing again, especially on my mom's machine :D


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