Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis

I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis finally has a release date! According to him, the book will be in the warehouse on October 9th, and should be in the stores within about two weeks after that.

I Know Why the Angels Dance will be the best book you read all year, and probably over the next few years. It is filled with tales of faith, sorrow, heartache, and love. Through the life and example of one precious little girl, these emotions overflow from the pages and into the hearts of the its readers, showing them the truth of God's love. Tabitha's harvest will bear fruit, even beyond the limits of this story. While reading this book, you will truly weep with those who weep, and you will rejoice with those who rejoice.

If you know of anyone dealing with grief or loss, this book would make a great gift for them. But don't wait till the release date to buy it; pre-order it from, or from Bryan Davis' website.

Can't get the book yet? Well, enjoy this preview: Chapter 1.

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Bryan Davis will be donating all royalties to charities, including World Vision and Voice of the Martyrs, so if you purchase this book, you will be helping to change lives in more ways than you could imagine.

(Warning: You will cry when reading this book. Have some tissues handy.)

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