Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lonely Little Heart

Lonely Little Heart

A lonely little heart
Dwells inside of me.
She longs for the one
Who will make her seem complete.

She looks up at the stars
And cries alone in the night,
Wishing for someone who
Will always hold her tight.

My lonely little heart
Was once so scarred and torn.
I gave pieces of her away
But she has been reborn.

Her flesh is fresh and new
Cleansed by God's grace.
Yet lonely she remains,
Praying for an embrace.

This lonely little heart
Is sometimes confused.
She always hopes and dreams
But is there any use?

Could a man really love her,
Or vow "until we die"?
Could he cherish her forever?
Would he even try?

My lonely little heart
Is a lonely creature indeed.
But deep down she knows
God will provide what she needs.

She is content to serve the Lord
In all she does and says.
Until the day she finally meets
The one she is to wed.