Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Tag! What book would you live in?

I have been tagged by Mackenzie Evans to name 8 books I would like to live in for a week, and then tag 8 more people.  There are a lot of books I'd love to live in, so it'll be difficult narrowing it down to eight...  Note: I don't have them in order of importance or anything, just how I think of them :P

1. The Chronicles of Narnia.
I've always thought it would be fun to live there, to be friends with unicorns and horses that can talk, and serve the great and kind Aslan.  I'd love to meet Trumpkin, Jewel, Mr. Tumnus, and so many others - maybe even Prince Cor and Lady Aravis!  Oh the things I could do if I were in Narnia.

2. Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire.
Right, dragons and people with dragon traits?  Prophets and Oracles ablaze with fire?  When do we leave?  =D  I'd especially like to meet Sapphira, Bonnie, and Dikaios...

3. The Myst Trilogy (The Book of Atrus, The Book of Ti'ana, The Book of D'ni)
This trilogy was based off of the series of Myst computer games and is such a fun series.  I'd love to live in the world of the D'ni, a people who have the special talent of creating books that, at a touch of the hand, can bring you to a different world full of wonders beyond imagining.  It would be great to see their superior craftmanship using a special material they themselves created that is virtually indestructible.  And being a near peaceful race it would be a joy to spend time with them.

4. Earth Light
Earth Light is a book written by Tracy Pierce, and is a world full of dragons, unicorns, pegasis, talking animals, friendly spiders, creatures that can shift between animal and a humanoid anthro-like form, and much much more - and they all serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  This was a fun read and it's a shame the book is out of print.

5. Redwall
I would love to visit Redwall Abbey and have a feast with the good creatures who live there.  They make such delicious foods, I'm always hungry when reading these books (not to mention I've actually made some of them before).  Although many of the plot lines are similar, I still enjoy each book as much as the others, for they are full of fun characters who stand up for what's right, and good always wins over evil.

6. The Neverending Story
This was my favorite movie as a child, and the book is pretty good, too.  Though, I kept wanting to strangle Bastian up until the end.  But I'd love to go to Fantasia and see Falkor and Artax, and meet the Gnomes, the Rock-Biter, and the Childlike Empress, and Atreyu and just about everyone else.  That would be so so awesome.

7. The Secret of Dragonhome
This book was written by my friend John Peel.  It's about a world where good dragons still exist, but they're being protected by a lonely king in secret because everyone else believes dragons to be evil and would kill them without a thought. There are people with special abilities called Talents, and they are hunted by those without these abilities, or kidnapped to be used on the front lines in war.  For the dragons alone, and the possibility of being one of the Talents, it would be neat to spend a week in this book, even if I didn't survive till the end of that week. 

8. Codebearers
The Codebearers series is SO fun!  I'd love to travel to the world beyond the veil and fight along with the Codebearers for the Author.  Meeting Hunter Brown would be pretty cool, too.


Galadriel said...

The Myst Trilogy sounds cool.

MTM said...

You have a blog! Yay!

Noah said...

I noticed on your profile that you are a fan of Wayne Thomas Batson's Door Within trilogy! I am hosting a Christian book giveaway on my blog,, once I have 30 followers, and I will host a second one if I reach 60! If you are interested, feel free to check it out!

Seth said...

The world beyond the veil would be an interesting place to live. I can't wait for the third one. Narnia would also be up there for me.
If I had to choose I'd go with Vailnor.


Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

This is a cool idea, Connie. As far as your list goes, here's my comments:

1. Yep.
2. Yep.
3. Never saw it, so can't comment.
4. Yep. (I should be acquainted with this one, shouldn't I? *wink wink*)
5. Haven't read the Redwall books, not yet anyway.
6. Oh definitely. This was one of my favorite movies, and pretty much still is. The book is good, too.
7. Never read this one either.
8. Yep.

Hmmmm, now what could I add to that?

1. The Ramona Quimby/Beezus/Henry Higgins books. I liked them when I was a kid, and I probably would like to visit, if I could still be around that age.

2. The Hardy Boys. Loved their stories, though I'd probably be a little careful in their world. They always seem to wind up in trouble, or trouble ends up finding them.

3. The Wind in the Willows. Though I would not want to actually ride in anything that Mr. Toad drives.

4. James and the Giant Peach. Again, probably more if I was a kid. I might get too claustrophobic inside that peach as an adult.

5. The Star Trek universe. This may sound like cheating, but there *are* many Trek novels, some of which are pretty cool. Plus I want my own starship.

6. The Star Wars universe. Same thing. :)

7. The Chronicles of Prydain series. Probably one of the most fun fantasy adventures I've ever read. I'd love to meet Princess Eilonwy.

8. A Wrinkle In Time. With the tesseracting you can do across the universe, who knows what world you could visit?

Pais Charos said...

Hehe, Jason, yes you should be well acquainted with Earth Light :P

If you've ever played the Myst games or even heard of them, I suggest reading the books. They sorta standalone, but won't ruin the games for you (I promise). But still, they answer a lot of questions for those who've played the games (like me).

And you should read Redwall. They're awesome ^_^

As to yours:

1. I read some when I was a kid, but I don't think I'd wanna live with Ramona...if I remember correctly wasn't she kind of a brat? Or was that her sister?
2. Never read the Hardy Boys.
3. *cough* Still haven't finished reading that book....
4. Haha, I haven't read the book but I loved the movie. That would be wicked. Though I'd want to be in the peach...not with the kid's aunts or whatever them ladies were.
5. YES! I've only read a couple of the books, mind you, but...that would rock. Holodeck, here I come!!
6. Heh. I haven't read the books, except one that's sorta a journal from Luke's POV. But I wanna meat some Ewoks!
7. Haven't read them, nor heard of them.
8. I started that book once but never finished it. I may try again someday. But I would love to meet the Pegasus.

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

I don't think Ramona was very bratty. She might have come off that way in the books where she wasn't the main character, like the Henry Huggins books. In the books that had her name in it, she was portrayed a lot better. Her sister was Beezus, who was always described as "sensible." LOL.

I'd probably recommend the earlier Star Wars novels like "Heir to the Empire," or the Jedi Academy trilogy. They have some later novels that I've heard get pretty dark and may not be your cup of tea.

Have you ever read Nancy Drew? The Hardy Boys are kinda similar. Actually, any mystery series like The Happy Hollisters is like the Hardy Boys. HB was a fav from elementary school.

A Wrinkle In Time is very good, especially the ending.

Have you heard of the Disney movie "The Black Cauldron?" It's a late 1980s cartoon movie that's based on two books in the Prydain series: The Book of Three and The Black Cauldron. If you see it, you have a very good idea of what the books are like.

- Jason

Pais Charos said...

The last time I read Ramona was probably third grade so my remembrance is skewed :P

Yeah I've read Nancy Drew. Didn't like them, though. I thought they were kinda boring :P I know of The Hard Boys, just never read them.

Yep, I've heard of that movie. I think that's one I never watched ... or maybe watched only once...don't remember, heh.