Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7-Day Challenge at *Faith WITH Actions*

Hey all!  Just wanted to give you all a shoutout about this cool 7-Day Challenge that a friend of mine is doing over on her blog, *Faith WITH Actions*.  She needs more followers to make the challenge a reality, so please go visit her blog and follow her!  Here's the info about the 7-Day Challenge:

7-Day Challenge

The 7-Day Challenge is being held August 9-16, and consists of 7 "themed" days in which you are challenged to do something for your health, your church, your online community, your family, and more. Each day, one participant will be selected to win a prize. At the end of the week, one person who participated in at least five days will win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

Here is how the week will play out:

Monday the 9th: Do something for God. Prize: Devo Book

Tuesday the 10th: Do something for your family. Prize: Hand-crocheted scarf from http://www.paischaroscreations.net/p/my-store.html

Wednesday the 11th: Do something for your friends. Prize: One bracelet for you, and another for a friend. (We may give you more if you have several best friends- we'll see!)

Thursday the 12th: Do something for your online network. Prize: Do Something stickers and Thumb Socks.

Friday the 13th: Do something for your health. Prize: A book from Book Week.

Saturday the 14th: Do something for your church. Prize: TBA

Sunday the 15th: Do something for your community... or the WORLD! Prize: Blog design from http://chickenscratchdesigns.farmgirlwrites.com/

End of Week: Someone who demonstrated excellence in at least five days will receive a fabulous prize package! The contents of this prize have yet to be determined, but it will be worth it! (We do know that part of the package includes something from Chicken Scratch Designs.) The grand prize winner will also be featured in an interview here on Faith WITH Actions.

How it works: Each day there will be a post on faithwithactions.blogspot.com about the theme, ending with an issue of the daily challenge. There will be a few suggestions on how you can accomplish the daily challenge, but we want you to be as creative as you can be! Once you've done something, come back to the blog and leave a comment about what you did. One winner will be selected each day to receive the daily prize. At the end of the week, judging will begin to decide who wins the grand prize. This will be based 50% on a reader poll and 50% on judge's discretion. The winner of that will receive the grand prize.

Cost: FREE!

Can I Donate a Prize?: YES PLEASE! You can donate a prize by leaving a comment on any of the posts or by e-mailing lightbulbmag@yahoo.com. Every day above that has the letters "TBA" after "Prize:" is still in need of a prize! We are also looking for people to donate to the grand prize. In return for your donation, we are willing to put up an ad of your products/service on fWa AND we will mention you in the contest donors. (Of course, if you DON'T want us to do this, we won't!)

What Can I Do To Get Ready?: In order to be eligible for the challenge, read the following:

1. You must "Follow" Faith WITH Actions. If you do not have an account to "follow" us with, it's easy and free to make one. You can even delete your account after the 7-Day Challenge if you want.

2. If you only want to enter one or two days, that's fine. However, if you want to win the grand prize, you must participate in at least five days!

3. Please announce the 7-Day Challenge on your blog, your Facebook friends, the church bulletin board, etc. In order for this to be a success, we need LOTS of people involved! (To participate AND to donate prizes!)

We hope to see you soon for Faith WITH Action's 7-Day Challenge!

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