Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 - A favorite song

Okay, the challenge is to post just ONE favorite song....but I have many, so I'll post a few :)

Favorite song #1 - You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone

Ever since I was a kid this has been one of my absolute favorite songs.  Originally sung by Debbie Boone, then later by LeAnn Rimes, it's a beautiful song about someone finally finding the love of their life.  I like to think that this song could also be sung as a love song to God, too.  Either way, it's on the top of my list of favorite songs.

Favorite song #2 -  The Victor by Keith Green

Keith Green is my favorite Christian singer of all time, and it's hard picking just one the next song will be one of his, too.  Haha.  This song was one of the few not written by him, it was written by Jamie Owens Collins.  But ... I prefer the way Keith Green performs it, with that passion that only he possesses.  The Victor is a great song about Christ being the Victor over Satan.  Part of the chorus goes, "He is risen! He has done it! Life conquered death!  Jesus Christ has won it!"  Yes, Jesus Christ beat the devil and won our souls!  Praise the Lord!

Favorite song #3 - Prodigal Son Suite by Keith Green

The classic story of the Prodigal Son, masterfully put into song by Keith Green.  There's not much to say, you just have to listen to it.  The song is over 12 minutes long, which is why youtubers have it in two parts.  Enjoy!

Someone made a video with some acting that looks really cool. Only part 1 is up on youtube, to watch the rest you have to buy the DVD, but the first part is neat to watch anyway.

Favorite song #4 - Somewhere by Within Temptation

I know, not a song you'd expect me to like, given the name of the band, haha.  But I love this song.  I came across it in a Doctor Who youtube video and fell in love with the song since it relates to the show so much.  I don't get tired of listening to this song over and over again, oh no.

And that's it for today!  Stay tuned for more 30-Day Challenge posts!


Marie said...

Great choices! I love You Light Up My Life.. that is a beautiful song! :)

KittyMarie said...

:) YouTube takes forever to load for me....sorry...can't hear you'd have a DW related one :)