Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 11 - A photo taken of me recently

Hello world.  Yesterday was a rotten day, bah humbug.  You know, the "when it rains it pours" kind of day.  But I'm moving on cause God's in control no matter what.  Agreed?  Good. 

This morning at the soup kitchen I was working on the grill and burned myself...ouch.  I was trying to balance the box of patties I was grilling on the stack of cardboard boxes and accidentally touched the side of the grill with my arm.  I've burned myself so much lately while cooking that I've grown a greater tolerance for it, haha.  Although it burned the whole time I was standing there by the grill I stuck it out.  And man was it HOT in that corner of the kitchen.  Whew.  Doesn't help either that it's 91 degrees outside, either.  The vehicle I'm driving has NO AC, so I'm just now starting to cool off.  Ice cream, here I come!

Well ... moving onto today's challenge.  It's supposed to be a photo taken of me recently but the most recent is one I took after I got my hair'll just have to do, haha.

Sorry, but that's all I got...The most recent photo of me taken by someone else was last October, I think, when I went up to Maryland to go to one of Bryan Davis' book signings and visit with his family for a bit.  Also in the photo is Legossi, one of Bryan Davis' daughters, and Mrs. Davis:

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