Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 7 - Five things I can't live without

Late post, I know, haha.  For some reason I thought today was something else and was trying to think of something to post, then I looked at the list on Marie Loves and was like, "Oh...well...that's easy enough."  Haha.

Disclaimer: Anything I list here is purely for fun and although they are things that I enjoy on a daily basis, they all pale in comparison to Jesus Christ, who I truly could not live without :)

Anyway, here's a list of five things I can't live without:

#1 - Chapstick!

I know this is the same for many people, but I gotta have my chapstick, and my favorite is Blistex Medicated Lip Balm.  It's not greasy, is kindof a minty flavor, and it just feels wonderful on my lips.

I don't like the lipsticks that come in different wacky flavors like chocolate, wild raspberry, bubblegum, or anything like that.  When it comes to my dry, chapped lips, just keep it simple.

#2 - BOOKS!

I love to read!  As you see I've got quite a few things on my shelfari bookshelf in my sidebar (which I need to update), as well as quite a few books in the photo.

See all the books on the floor?  Yeah...I need a second bookcase for all of them.  Haha.

But yes, I always need to be reading something, even if it's a brand new book that I've just discovered, or something that I've read a hundred times already.  I gotta have my books ^_^

#3 - Music

I can't go a day without listening to some form of music, be it something off of a Doctor Who soundtrack or a Praise song, I just love music.  I've been a singer all my life and like to hum along to anything I'm listening to.  If I'm not listening to something I'll most likely be singing anyway, haha. 

#4 - Internet

Yes yes yes, I don't know WHAT I would do without Internet.  Some of my closest friends are all in different parts of the world (yes I said world, not country), and without the World Wide Web to connect with them I'd be SO incredibly lonely.  I've got to be able to talk with one or all via chatroom, facebook, message forum, blog, IM, or email.

And not just that, the Internet can be such a wealth of information, from the phone number to a business to learning more about history - there seems to be no end!  That said, you still have to be careful of finding false information, so when you do research on the Internet be scrupulous, anyone can come up with something weird and label it as "fact."  Just like anything with the Internet, you have to be careful.

#5 - My Sewing Machine

I inherited my sewing machine from my mom when she passed away, and I just love it.  I don't get to use it as often as I would like, but I love to sew on it.  It's so familiar since my mom used it, and it's like I have a piece of her with me when I use it.  Not much more to say about that, I'm afraid.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!  See y'all!

PC :)


Marie said...

Good list! Yes it would be very hard to live without internet! ;)

Ileigh Jean said...

Music is one thing I know I can't live without I LOVE to sing
hum and play the piano. In fact I I have music running though my
head right now:)

Have a blessed day

Ileigh Jean

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

I noticed the book I gave you is on the very top of your books. WA-HOO!!

Pais Charos said...

Haha, GO, yeah. I need a new bookcase so I can squeeze it in XD