Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long Hair/Modesty/30-Day Challenge

Helloooooooo!!!  Wow, a second post.  And there's many more to come, I promise!

First thing's first: LONG HAIR.  I have it.  Lots of it.  Honestly, this is the longest my hair has ever been as an adult and I'm loving it.  It's about 20-ish inches long from tip to tip (I pulled a hair out and measured it).  (Sorry, I don't have a picture).

So, I've been thinking - I could possibly donate my hair now, which is what I've been wanting to do, and still have enough left over (minimum is 10 inches for most places).  OR I could try to sell it, donate part of what I get for it and put the rest into my car fund.  I'm still debating over this in my head, so any thoughts or suggestions would be great (Yes, that means you have to comment!!).

Modesty: In reference to my previous post, I'm leaning more towards creating a new blog that would be for modesty and purity issues, and use that to post modest outfits on and such.  I was also thinking I could use that blog to have "guest bloggers" blogging about different modesty and purity things, cause I certainly don't know it all.  IF I do start this new blog and you would like to participate as a guest blogger, please comment and let me know!  The more interest I have the more likely I'll start the blog :)

And last but not least, a neat 30-Day Challenge I came across on Marie Loves blog.  Basically the 30-day challenge is to post about a different topic each day.  There's a list on her blog that gives the topic for each day.  Not sure if I'll use all of them, or if I'll combine some of then, but it should be fun nonetheless!  Skip on over to her blog to check it out!

PC :)


The Dynamic Uno said...

I think you should donate your cut hair to an organization like Locks of Love or something instead of selling it. No, it doesn't help the car fund, but it does help someone else who desperately needs it. :)

KittyMarie said...

donating hair is good. ^.^ Mine has been getting longer but....not enough to where I'll want to loose any....but...I gotta keep the donation idea in my head for when it does get really long ^.^

Hope the car fund gets filled!

TTYL and God bless,

Marie said...

Glad you are going to participate in the 30 day challenge with me! :) A modesty blog sounds great. I'd follow it! :)

Nicole said...

I have very long hair and people always suggest I donate it, without me voicing interest in the matter (which is really quite annoying). I love my long hair too, and Caleb loves it even more, which is why I opt to keep it. So if you love your hair so much and want to keep it, don't feel like you HAVE to donate. But if you want to donate it, then woot! It's a very nice gesture. I think it'd be fine to get money for it, unless you'd like to do some sort of voluntary act as a form of tithing/worship. People can give blood and get money for it or donate blood. I think both are great. :)

Pais Charos said...

Thanks for the comment, Nicole. I'm still debating. I think I'm gonna cut it anyway (it'll be this long again in another 3 years :P )

My thinking as far as selling is that I could donate part of the money to Locks of Love to help with their manufacturing costs and such, or some other charity like them, and keep the rest for my car.

I don't feel like I HAVE to donate it, but I'd like to - it's what I've been growing my hair long for. But now circumstances are different and I DO need the money. But would selling it instead of donating it make me lesser of a person? It's not like I'd be selling it to become rich or something. Just to help pay for the car that I so desperately need right now. I was hoping to find a place that buys hair to make wigs, but all I can find for selling hair is

As for blood - I've tried and failed to donate blood (three times), and I can't give plasma for money cause my veins are too small.. <_<

Roheryn said...

That sounds like fun! I might join in with the 30-day blogger!

And don't worry, you're not the only one that can't donate blood. I'm not allowed to either XD