Monday, August 16, 2010


Hi all!  I know it's been a while since I've posted, and I'm sorry.  I've had a crazy week and have not had any time to blog.  Now I'm stranded at the house as the battery died in the truck I've been driving and has been towed since jumping it didn't work.  So, I find myself with some extra time at the moment.  I'm tired, and I'm hot, and I'm stressed, but God is still in control and I know He'll take care of me.

I recently participated in a 7-Day Challenge at *Faith WITH Actions* . It's over now and it's time to vote for the grand prize winner.  Please take the time, if you will, to read through the entries for the last 7 days and vote for either myself or Rosie using the poll in the sidebar on the right. 

And I know I'm behind on my 30 Day Challenge, but I'm gonna do my best to catch back up ... starting in the next post :P  See ya then!

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