Friday, August 6, 2010

Days 18 and 19

Good morning everyone!  I'm here posting from my brother's house as I'm house sitting for a while.  They're in Germany visiting family.  Ah, how I miss Germany.  I hope I can go back some time...

Anyways, onto the challenges.  I missed yesterday so I'll do both yesterday's and today's in this post.

Day 18 - A time when I felt passionate and alive

Hmmm....I'm gonna have to say that any time I'm around horses is when I feel passionate and alive, I just love horses.  I can't afford to take riding lessons right now, though (haven't been able to for years, ick).  Maybe I can find someone else that needs someone to clean their horses' stalls.....hmmm...

Day 19 - A talent I have

I'm gonna go with singing for this one.  I've been singing all my life in choirs and have done several solos in churches.  I took lessons for the first time when I was 21 and had a blast, but then I moved and had to stop.  They're kinda expensive, too, though.  I don't plan on ever going professional or anything like that, I'm quite content to just sing for friends, family, and of course, God :)

Hope everyone has a blessed day!  Until next time!

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